Kasarna Hub plays an integral part in accelerating the progress of technology in Ohrid and North Macedonia in general.

Located in the beautiful, but neglected area of the old military barracks in Ohrid, we want to re-invent this part of the city by supporting and working with startups, scaleups, corporations, the local government and the wider ecosystem to drive emerging tech innovation for positive impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform North Macedonia into a sustainable, technology-driven economy. Kasarna Hub will ideally represent the first the first step towards achieving that goal in Ohrid.

Our Belief

We believe that human connections, passionate entrepreneurialism, brilliant minds, relentless bravery and curiosity can change the world, one new idea at a time. Cooperation is the pillar of successful stories!

Our Purpose

We operate under a very strong ethos of doing the ‘right thing’ and leading by example. We are not-for-profit, carbon neutral. We strive to create positive impact on our planet, our country, our economy and our society.


Our world-class expertise and networks provide unrivalled knowledge, access to capital, infrastructure and guidance that drive emerging tech innovation. We have enabled our residents, alumni, community and partners to achieve incredible success by leveraging the best of what the ecosystem has to offer.


We seek out creative challenges, explore new approaches, question deeper to constantly learn and display an unflagging energy to do things better, take risks, push the status quo, think and behave in unconventional ways to drive better business outcomes.

We foster an environment for the entrepreneurial spirit to flow and we do it with a sense of fun and humour, as it turns out humour helps you think more broadly and creatively.

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