Membership Fees

  1. Daily membership: 300 MKD
  2. Weekly membership: 1,000 MKD
  3. Monthly membership: 3,000 MKD
  4. Monthly fee for a dedicated desk: 6,000 MKD (includes free coffee and water)

What does the user get for this price?

  • A 24/7 access card to the space, use of the workspace, internet, locker, water, and tea, as well as free participation in events organized at Kasarna Hub.
  • Before receiving the card, the user must make the appropriate payment according to the chosen model and pay an additional 200 MKD for the card.
  • The member is obliged to use the space responsibly, without causing any damage or fire to the inventory, whether it belongs to the Hub or other users’ equipment, and to adhere to the usage rules.
  • The member must work strictly in the designated room, the Coworking Room, and cannot work from other rooms.
  • Common areas that can be used include the Relax Room for eating or resting, and the Silent Room for occasional quiet meetings.
  • If the member violates the house rules or causes any damage to the inventory or reputation of the Hub, they are obliged to pay for the damages, and their membership will be revoked by deactivating their access card.

Renting of the Multifunctional Room for Events:

  • Minimum rental period of 2 hours
  • Price per hour: 1,500 MKD
  • Water, coffee, and juices cannot be brought in; they must be purchased at the Hub.
  • Catering is ordered through the Hub.
  • Projector: 1,000 MKD per event
  • Printing: 10 MKD per page
  • Rental of sound system with microphone: 4,000 MKD

Additional Information:

  • Membership form is available on the premises of Kasarna HUB as well as the terms and conditions.
  • All payments are done using the platform

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