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On Friday 09th we had the immersive lecture on the origins, benefits and challenges of a new paradigm of living called the Metaverse. From Kruger’s vision, through the architecture and typology of virtual reality, to the latest technologies and platforms for full immersion of humans in the new hybrid world.

Prof. Dr. Anis Sefidanis, was our guest this Friday at 6 pm with his lecture. Anis Sefidanis is a doctor of computer science, professor, author and inventor, teaches at the Faculty of Applied IT, Machine Intelligence and Robotics, at the University of Information Sciences and Technologies “St. Apostle Paul”. He was born on February 6, 1983 in Ohrid, Macedonia, where he finished his secondary natural and mathematical school and twice won the 1st prize at the State Competition of Young Researchers, once in 1999 and again in 2000 in the field of information technology. He was also the first graduate of the August 2004 Computer Science class at the Faculty of Science, State University of Udine in Italy. Anis is the (co)author of more than dozens of research papers in the field of ICT, with a main focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as several academic textbooks including “Pattern Recognition”, “Introduction to Computer Programming” “Digital Forensics” , “eDentistry”. Sefidanis is a contributor to the oldest national magazine in Macedonia for science and technology “Emitter”, which provides insight into new digital technologies.

Before being elected as an associate professor at UIST “St. Paul the Apostle” in Ohrid, he taught at the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” in Skopje, as well as at the European University, where he was twice elected dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and also president of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Conference “Artificial Intelligence – Challenge of the digital age”. He is also part of the Editorial Board of several international scientific journals, including IDEA, SAR and UIST Journal, and holds many training and mentoring certificates at the professional level in ICT, including ECDL Expert Tester. Sefidanis is the founder of the Research Center dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for digital transformation using artificial intelligence and robotics, as well as the Association for Assistive Technology and Neurodiversity.


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