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In order to facilitate the process of employment, or the choice of a suitable profession for young people, we plan to organize Career Days – Ohrid.
The purpose of the event is for young people to get to know the opportunities offered by IT companies in Ohrid, and for the companies to promote themselves and get to know potential employees.
The event is open to all who wish to participate.
The event is made possible through the project Roads Not Taken: Municipality of Ohrid Going Green, Smart, Innovative (OHRID GO), funded by the European Union. The project is implemented by the Municipality of Ohrid and Stelar Solutions Skopje. In the next two years, Kasarna Hub is planning a series of events, educations, mentoring and networking of people who have ideas for innovative businesses with potential investors.
We expect you,
The Kasarna Hub team
Info phone 070 206 432


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