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⭐️On 03.12.2022, PORAKA NOVA and Enheleus Lihnid – Enheleus Lihnid held an event on the premises of Kasarna HUB:
“Inclusive development for children with disabilities”
The event was attended by more than 50 participants, including other non-governmental organizations and civil associations.
People with disabilities had the opportunity to participate in an environmental action to arrange the area of the barracks, where about 10 bags of garbage were collected.
We are proud that this was the first environmental action in Macedonia in which people with disabilities joined.
We want to motivate organizations to join them in more activities, in order to contribute to their inclusive development ⭐️
⭐️Activities as part of the event included an environmental action, a musical performance and a workshop for networking organizations that work with people with disabilities, in order to strengthen the capacities of the organizations themselves, as well as to provide new and fresh ideas that will work to solve the the problems faced by organizations


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