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Presentation of Arhrid

The Ohrid Barracks is one of a series of abandoned post-war territories that need urban and architectural articulation. As a spacious green area, which stands with all its emptiness in the heterogeneity of the former industrial zone of the city, the barracks represents a kind of ecosystem. Its strategic position in relation to the new development directions of the city, but also the connection with its important infrastructure lines, bring the potential for its reuse.

“Barrack Talks” is the first event organized by ARCHRID as a collective, and it is a presentation of academic research papers and an exhibition of findings related to the area of ​​the former Ohrid barracks. This site has been around for a long time subject to individual research of individual members of the collective, however, for the last few months ARHRID has been working as a group on the selection, processing and presentation of the collected materials. The purpose of this event is to raise the awareness of the general public about the significance of the location, to express expert views regarding the qualities of this space and to ultimately emphasize the need for a comprehensive architectural-urban study.

ARCHRID is a professional collective whose main goals are EDUCATION (raising awareness of the architectural and urban values ​​of the city) and PROTECTION (of the existing cultural heritage, as well as recognition and appreciation of the architectural creativity and urban fragments in the city), through the implementation of ACTIVITIES (in the public city ​​space) and creating a FORUM (emphasis on the importance of forming and publicly expressing a common expert position on current topics).


  • Address of a representative from KASARNA HUB
  • Representation of the Ohrid architectural collective – ARHRID
  • Presentation of academic research, perspectives and views on the development of
    the Ohrid barracks
  • Address of the president of AAM prof. Dr. Mishko Ralev
  • Exhibition opening and cocktail party

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