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What we carried out in the first quarter of 2023:

  1. We started the year by organizing programming trainings for children, a total of 250 children up to 15 years of age signed up. 170 children, who come once a week to Kasarna Hub, started with a three-month free training. Our partner in this activity is Macedonia2025.
  2. We were visited and had a presentation in front of about 100 students from the Faculty of Architecture and Design from the American College from Skopje. The event was organized by Arhrid
  3. We established cooperation with Zdruzenie Dobrotoljubie 2014
  4. Poraka Nova organized an event “Democratic participation of young people” in the premises of the Kasarna Hub PORAKA NOVA
  5. A group of environmental associations from Albania and Macedonia organize a Cross-Border Meeting for Biodiversity in the Ohrid-Prespa region. Shoqata Une, Gruaja
  6. Public Advertising Education organized a free presentation on “Digital Marketing”
  7. Barracks Hub organized a two-day event on Seasonal Employment in Tourism, where 30 local catering businesses participated and over 200 visitors.
  8. The Austrian president, together with a delegation of Austrian business women and young people, visited Kasarna Hub and had two meetings, one with Macedonian businesses, the other with young people.
  9. Kasarna Hub supported the humanitarian event “From the heart for Bojan” organized by the Youth Center Youth Center Ohrid.
  10. The Kasarna Hub was visited by a group of teachers from Italy through the Erasmus+ program and the EKKE organization from Bitola.
    Kasarna Hub is made possible through the EU4M program – project funded by the EU and implemented by Stellar Solutions Skopje and the Municipality of Ohrid

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