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This Friday we had Suad Missini – the man who managed to fast without food for 45 days.
As he himself says, “This post is a continuation of my several years of practicing this kind of process, and this time, unlike before, in addition to physical purification and spiritual strenghtening, I was further inspired by the discovery of some processes that I had read about and researched in the past, but which so far I have not had the opportunity to try on myself. It is about researching the (ir)reversibility of some physiological conditions and especially the activation of stem cells and putting them in a regenerative way of functioning. Of course, the length of the fast was also a new challenge – 45 days without food is a goal reached for the first time. Last year it lasted 21 days and I thought that was the limit. But there is no limit.
During the whole process I consumed water, green tea and special drinks based on kefir that I developed myself over a long period of time and this process was the perfect opportunity to examine and see their effectiveness, especially from the aspect of protecting the heart muscle and brain cells.
The lectures are made possible through the project Roads Not Taken: Municipality of Ohrid Going Green, Smart, Innovative (OHRID GO), funded by the European Union.
The project is implemented by Opstina Ohrid and Stellar Solutions Skopje


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