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On June 3, in the premises of Kasarna Hub, we held a workshop on the topic: “Parenting – stress or challenge – Taking care of the mental health of parents” In the period of active parenting, self-care and work are not only important but also necessary as both for themselves and for the children.

At this workshop, the participants had the opportunity to work on their emotional development and as parents to explore the parental role:

What are they like as parents? How much do they stimulate empathy and how do they deal with their own emotions? Where do they exaggerate and what do they underdo? Are they facing any obstacles? How much do they strengthen their contact with themselves?

Through a combination of Gestalt – art psychological techniques, they learned how to face and deal with their own emotions, to get rid of stress, to encourage the feeling of freedom, self-awareness and confidence. When we have parents who take care of their mental health, we also have healthy children. Thank you for your trust! The workshop was led by psychologist Jasmina Jovchevska


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